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There is a growing understanding of the impacts of paper production and consumption on the planet. Increasingly, paper production is being linked to the destruction of old growth and endangered forests. As the marketplace increases demand for papers with high post-consumer recycled content and alternative fibers, manufacturers will begin to make capital and production shifts in order to stay competitive. The message from the marketplace builds as each new purchaser, like you, makes the shift to papers with environmental integrity. Listed below are various resources for your consideration in taking the next step….
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Resource Calculator
  • Common Vision for Transforming the Paper Industry [drafted by various environmental organizations including the Recycled Products Cooperative. Includes purchasing guidance, and hierarchy of bleaching technologies]
  • Santa Clara County Recycled Paper Policy
    University of Colorado at Boulder Recycling Policy (PDF)
  • Environmental Benefits of Recycled Paper Q & A [Environmental Defense] PDF
  • California Integrated Waste Management Board Recycled Products Database
    Database includes product listings in the Official Recycled Products Guide and product search feature by type and recycled content level. Over 10,000 products and businesses are listed.
  • Center for a New American Dream
    The Center’s procurement program works to the adoption of environmentally preferable policies and practices in the world of institutional purchasing. Site contains comprehensive tools and resources.
  • Conservatree
    Comprehensive information source on recycled, tree-free and chlorine-free papers. Includes information about new papers, environmental characteristics of established papers, political and legislative issues, manufacturing and distribution information, advocacy issues, answers to frequently-asked questions, etc.
  • Co-Op America
    Includes the National Green Pages, a directory of socially and environmentally responsible businesses.
  • Debra's List
    Over 1000 links to non-toxic, natural, and earthwise products of all kinds, plus a Green Living Q&A blog. Compiled by Debra Lynn Dadd, author of "Home Safe Home."
  • Dogwood Alliance
    Non-profit group in Southeastern U.S. working to reduce the impacts of the paper industry on a national level.
  • Environmental Paper Network
    Collaborative effort of various environmental organizations to bring about transformations within the paper industry.
  • Forest Ethics
    Forest Ethics is dedicated to protecting forests by redirecting markets to ecological sustainable alternatives. Their campaign strategies encourage large corporations and office supply chains to incorporate sustainable procurement practices.
  • Grass Roots Recycling Network
    GRRN is a North American network of recycling and community-based activists who advocate policies and practices to achieve zero waste, to end corporate welfare for waste, and to create sustainable jobs from discards. The GrassRoots Recycling Network was founded in 1996 by leaders from the Sierra Club, the California Resource Recovery Association, and the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. Sponsors GreenYes listserv, an open (unmoderated) discussion forum focusing on policies and strategies pertaining to sustainable resource policies.
    A free online resource center operated by the non-profit Green Business Network. Offers a wealth of free resources for mainstream companies seeking to align environmental responsibility with business success. Included are daily news and opinion, tools and reports, job listings, backgrounders on business environmental topics, and annotated directories of organizations, web sites, government agencies, mentoring programs, award programs, events, books, and more.
  • Green Seal
    Recycled and environmentally preferable products evaluated through life cycle assessment and qualified for the Green Seal label.
  • The Markets Initiative
    The Markets Initiative is dedicated to finding practical solutions to preserve the world's ancient forests. It represents a coalition of multiple non-profit organizations working to stimulate a growing market for environmentally sound paper and wood alternatives in Canada.
  • National Recycling Coalition
    Non-profit which provides technical education, disseminates public information on selected recycling issues, shapes public and private policy on recycling, and operates programs that encourage recycling markets and economic development.
  • Office of the Federal Environmental Executive
    The OFEE was formed in 1993 to oversee the implementation of Executive Order 12873, Federal Acquisition, Recycling, and Waste Prevention. The OFEE advocates, coordinates, and assists environmental efforts of the Federal community in waste prevention, recycling, the affirmative procurement of guideline items and the acquisition of recycled and environmentally preferable products and services. Site resources include a downloadable (in Adobe Acrobat) study of performance of paper containing 30% post-consumer content compared with other papers, a newsletter and success stories.
  • Reach for Unbleached!
    Reach for Unbleached! started as a campaign to encourage consumer acceptance of unbleached or oxygen-bleached paper for many routine uses. The campaign now encourages other aspects of environmentally-preferred paper use, such as reduction, and also includes a broad focus on toxics in its work towards sustainability in the pulp and paper industry. Its online publication, Mill-Watch, features news, analysis, resources and contacts for pulp and paper issues and paper and pulp mill monitoring. Site includes list of environmental papers, manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • Renew America
    Non-profit organization which coordinates a network of community and environmental groups, businesses, government leaders and civic activists to exchange ideas and expertise for improving the environment. Renew America's Environmental Success Index chronicles more than 1,400 effective environmental programs nationwide. Each year Renew America presents its National Awards for Sustainability (awarded to the Recycled Paper Coalition in 1994) to celebrate 26 outstanding programs from across the country for their exceptional achievements.
Join the hundreds of Co-op members who help conserve natural resources through responsible purchasing practices. For more information or to join, call 1-800-694-8355.
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