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Every RPC member is different... please fill out the information below, as completely as possible, and our staff will contact you with pricing information! The more information we have the more accurate our quotes can be! Thank you in advance for your interest in recycled products. You’re helping close the loop!!! *=required field

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Quote Request

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Paper Quote

1. Average number of cases delivered at a time: 

2. Average number of cases used per year: 

3. Current price you pay per case: 

4. Is it virgin fiber or recycled content? If recycled, what % is the recycled content? 
    Virgin. Recycled.    %: 

5. What paper are you interested in (product# or description): 


6.Type of Delivery: *Inside?

    Yes. No.

    Will delivery be on ground floor? 

    Yes. No.

    If upstairs delivery, do you have an elevator that can
    accommodate pallet deliveries (freight size elevator)? 

    Yes. No.

    Truck-high - loading dock

    Yes. No.

    Outside- no loading dock

    Yes. No.

    Do you have your own pallet jack?

    Yes. No.

    Do you have your own Forklift?

    Yes. No.

*Inside delivery is any delivery requiring the driver to go beyond the threshold and/or entry way (other then a loading dock door) of the outside door. 

Special Delivery Requirements: 

Quote for Other Recycled Products

1. What other recycled product(s) are you interested in?
    Please list quantity.


2. Have you used these types of recycled products before? 

    Yes. No.

3. If so, what was the price per unit? 


4. Special Delivery Requirements:


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