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Environmental Savings To Date
Co-op members (as of 2/29/08) have collectively purchased over 404,937 cases of 30% and 100% post-consumer recycled paper since the program began. This has resulted in the following environmental savings:

88,477 trees (40 feet in height) 
25,827,376 gallons of water 
15,118,167 kilowatt hours of electricity 
220,600 pounds of air pollution prevented 

In addition the RPC plants trees for every case of paper and every order processed. Since January, 2007 we have PLANTED OVER 16,210 TREES!

Recycled Paper Makes a Difference
Real recycling is a closed loop. It not only involves putting used paper in the correct bins but also requires using recycled paper to close the loop. Unfortunately, recycled paper represents less than 5% of the printing and writing paper market. This means that new trees are continually being harvested to support our paper consumption habits. In fact, it is estimated that over 100 million trees are cut each year just to supply fiber for copy paper in the U.S. Using recycled paper lessens the pressure put on natural resources and helps to keep functioning ecosystems intact. In addition, it saves energy and water, helps to preserve landfills, supports recycling markets, and bolsters the economy. 

Using Recycled Paper Saves Resources and Trees
Visit Our Tools and Resources Section for more information regarding the benefits of using recycled paper. 

Conservatree, a national authority on recycled paper, estimates that approximately 7 to 24 full grown trees (30% to 100% post-consumer content) are saved for every 40 cases (1 ton) of recycled paper purchased instead of virgin fiber paper. 

Conservatree also estimates that each ton of 100% post-consumer recycled paper that displaces a ton of virgin fiber paper saves: 

7,000 gallons of water,
4,100 kw hours of electricity
60 pounds of air pollution

The trees you save by buying recycled paper:

Provide oxygen 
Help reduce climate change 
Protect fisheries 
Provide habitat for wildlife 
Increase precipitation 
Provide medicines 
Going Beyond Paper

Copy paper isn’t the only office product that is made with recycled content materials. There are thousands of recycled and remanufactured products available—each one representing an environmental savings. The Co-op will be offering over 3,500 recycled/ remanufactured office products. Click here to browse or buy. 

Save Landfill Space
According to the EPA, paper and paperboard represent 38.1% by weight of the municipal solid waste stream. When the materials that you recycle go into new products, they don't go into landfills or incinerators, so scarce landfill space is conserved. 

Save Money and Create Jobs
Recycling and remanufacturing produce substantially more jobs than land filling or incinerating -- usually at a lower cost to local government and residential and business ratepayers. In fact, according to Californians Against Waste, recycling results in up to 36 times more jobs than land filling. 

We’re Here To Help
We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us with any questions at all.   1-800-694-8355.
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